School's Purpose

Delta High Schools Mission Statement:

To provide a medium where students can gain the knowledge, skills, and self-worth necessary for them to reach their potential and become productive members of an ever-changing society.

At Delta High School We Believe:

Students need to have good feelings about themselves. They need to feel capable, worthwhile, and appreciated. Their self-esteem influences their ability to relate with others and learn successfully.

That positive self-esteem and appropriate behavior are best promoted by making our expectations clear, consistent, and achievable, while praising acceptable behavior.

If students are provided a caring atmosphere, quality instruction, and the opportunity to experience success they will enjoy and accept their responsibility for learning.

The home is a primary importance to the educational development of each child. We want to work closely with the parents and/or guardians to provide the best environment and encouragement for each child.

Using the latest in information, materials, and technology will help us to become better educators and give our students the best chance to succeed academically.

Students will benefit from being involved in some aspect of extra-curricular activities. We feel that those involved assume pride and ownership in the school and can learn positive habits that they may not be able to learn otherwise.

Our motto at Delta High School is "We Are Family" and "Everyone Belongs to Something." We live by our motto by encouraging all students to find something they are interested in participating in that would include curricular and non-curricular activities, sports, club, etc.




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