Delta High School Community Council Minutes

2-19-14 & 3-5-14

2-19-14 meeting needed to be continued on 3-5-14 because more discussion was needed

Those present on 2-19-14—Principal Fowles, Chair Jared Smith, Vice-Chair Matt Bassett, Member Draper, Member Albers, Member Johnson, Member Visser, Member Baker Excused: Member LeFevre, Member Church

All present on 3-5-14

Chair Smith welcomed and asked for approval of last meeting minutes

Motion by Member Bassett, second by Member Johnson—Minutes approved

Land Trust proposals were considered and evaluated

Mr. Robert Banks, Mr. Austin Day, and Mrs. LynDell Watson were all called into the meeting for more clarification on their proposals

The proposals for ongoing expenses were approved as a package: “Utah Write” writing program- $4500, Accelerated Reader program - $3000, Professional Staff collaboration - $12000. Motion made by Member Smith, second by Member Bassett, all approved

Much discussion on the use of the online database and just how many students would use it for school assignments. A concern over the approval of funds for extra work done by English teachers was discussed It was noted that they do a lot of extra work that other departments don’t have to do but this would open the door for everyone else wanting $ for extra work.

The IXL internet based program for math was discussed and expenditure was approved - $2250 Motion by Member Visser, second by Member Johnson, all approved.

Virtual lab kits for the science department were discussed and approved - $1200

First day meeting ended without consensus on other expenditures

Members were reminded of the school wide need in math and science and the understanding that English, math, and science were the departments with current end-of-level tests.

The FLEX literacy remediation program for language arts was discussed and approved. This program will be used as an instructional model with the current remediation classes held at the school - $15000. $8600 will be needed each year in order to carry on the program after the first year. The program will be evaluated yearly. Motion by Member Draper, second by Member Albers, all approved.

Discussion on the need of another portable I-pad lab to be used by all departments continued. English department will be responsible but all departments would have access to the I-pads. It was a consensus that every teacher needed an I-pad so enough would be ordered with the portable lab - $25000. Motion by Member Johnson was made, second by Member Draper, all approved.

Summary of expenditures that were approved:

Portable I-pad lab-----$25000

Professional collaboration-----$12000

FLEX literacy program-----$15000

Utah Write-----$4500

Accelerated Reader-----$3000

IXL math program-----$2250

Virtual lab kits for science-----1200

Total approved-----$62,950

Projected Funds-----$55,000

$7500 of the FLEX literacy program will be paid from school funds if Land Trust funds are not available.

Member terms were discussed, those up for re-election next fall if desired are: Connie Johnson, LeAnn Church, Matt Bassett, Jimi Baker, Kelly Albers. Kelly is no longer eligible for re-election.

Those returning for the second year of their term: Debbie Visser, Jared Smith, Noreen LeFevre, Bret Draper

Special thanks to all members who served, especially to Kelly Albers, who will no longer be on the council.

No more meetings will be held this year unless Land Trust plans need to be altered.