Delta High School Community Council

1-15-14 Minutes

Present: Principal Fowles, Matt Bassett, Bret Draper, Jimi Baker, Jared Smith, Kelly Albers, Connie Johnson, Debbie Visser

Excused: Noreen LeFevre, LeAnn Church

Call to order and welcome by Chair Smith

Approval of last minutes by member Bassett, seconded by member Draper

Discussion about School Improvement Plan:

Math and Science test scores still lowest in school. The question was asked on the effectiveness of the in-school remediation class. Teacher reports success and wants to continue with adjustments. Students don’t take advantage of before and after school remediation opportunities.

Reading and writing skills are up. Teachers want to switch back to “Utah Write” from “My Access” for the interactive writing rubric.

ESL students show need for help, especially end of level testing. Mrs. Johnson suggested mock testing in the computer lab. Mr. Draper led discussion about breaking up the large number of ESL students being in the same class. The LIA organization is running strong and of great benefit.

PLC sessions, school and district wide, seem to be helping and will continue. Some departments are more effective than others dealing with collaboration.

Discussion on how data needs to guide instruction. NWEA information is of great benefit and it is hoped that the new assessment tool will provide the same service.

Much discussion and concern was given to the apathy of some students towards their school work. More students seem to not care about their own education.

The need to help all departments succeed using funds and resources needs to continue.

Formal Improvement Plan will be drafted soon.

Parent Concerns:

Mrs. Visser brought several concerns:

1-      Grading practices of some teachers; is there a need for school-wide practices? Some parents having concern about some students being able to bring an F grade up to an A the last week of the quarter. Is there any learning that takes place?

2-      Future of the Auto-tech program.

3-      The hope of a fourth year of math (Calculus) being taught in the school.

4-      Concern about amount of direct instruction taking place in the honors classes. Parents are saying that there needs to be more direct instruction and less independent work time.

5-      Parents are noting the need for another social science core class taught at the high school to allow students to be eligible for the regent’s scholarship without having to take the class over Ednet.

Appreciation was expressed to teachers for their hard work and dedication.

Next meeting will finalize the Land Trust Expenditure Plan.