DHS Community Council




Member Baker excused, all other members present

-Meeting times and dates approved as posted.

-Terms of membership discussed: Mrs. Church, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Bassett, and Mrs. Baker up for re-election next fall.

-Mission statement discussed and approved to remain the same. Mr. Draper brought up changing the word “member” to “citizen”. Discussion will continue.

-Improvement Plan and Land Trust Plan from last year was discussed. Members are to read through and come up with any changes, additions, or deletions.

-Testing data was shown and a discussion ensued. The accuracy of the data was questioned as some data seems to be contradictory to other data. Discussion of the importance of having the correct data took place. Math and Science still need improvement. Math scores are improving. Science scores are stagnant and are the lowest in the school. Discussion on whether the Land Trust funds are helping took place. Other options were discussed.

-Parents brought up the need of a Resource Officer at the school and Principal Fowles shared that the county had approved an officer on each side of the county. This was considered a real needed improvement.

-Issues of discipline were discussed.

The new evaluation instrument for teachers was discussed.

Next meeting will be January 15th at 10:00 in the DHS Conference Room