January 14, 2016 

Members Present:  Daryl Dutson (Admin. Intern) Ken Nielsen, Debbie Visser, Jimie Baker, Matt Loe, Teresa Thompson

  1. Counseling Center update.
    1. No longer SEOPS…it is PCCR: Plan for College and Career Readiness.  Mr. Nielson is going to try and get every freshman and their parent in and review a booklet of College and Career Readiness.
    2. Second semester settled with Students
    3. March 1 is the ACT for all juniors.
    4. Students are working on Interim testing at this point.
    5. Freshman history (Geography) classes will be a full year.
    6. Needs Assessment had a good response with 150 parents responding
  1. Thank you for your support of the board wanting to make changes
    1. Math/English class for low end students next year
    2. Possible for a peer tutoring option….Matt suggestion
      1. Would need a staff member available
      2. In a class where the peer student could roam from class to class
  2. 2016-17 Amount $49,773
    1. Testing coordinator discussion.  The need is great due to the time we spend on it.
    2. Possible piano for music department.
    3. Possible professional development for teachers.
    4. Discuss in faculty meeting
    5. Other ones….math update program and AR update.
    6. Possible mobile lab for English department
  3. Proposals Discussion
  4. Lunch Vending Machines
    1. Announcements have been going out to parents about the need to get lunch accounts up-to-date
    2. Will start using the vending machine on Monday, January 25.
    3. Lunch accounts in the red have gone from three pages to a half page.  This is good news as we no long have thousands of dollars outstanding with lunch accounts
  5. Testing Information
  6. Stakeholder Input Survey
    1. We need to try and encourage parents to take this survey for a baseline evaluation
    2. We could open our labs so parents have some place to take the survey.
  7. Next meeting February 8, 2016
  8. Adjournment