High School Community Council Meeting

September 14, 2016

Members Present:  Teresa Thompson, Ken Nielsen, Clint Petersen, Kris Albrect,

Debbie Visser, Matt Loe, Michelle Burr,

New Members, Jared Christensen, Jackie Shiner (excused)

1.  Welcome by Teresa Thompson.  Reported school year off to a positive start.  Theme “We are Family” and common lunch has helped students unify.

2.  LAND Trust Funding Distribution 2015-16 (52,843)

a. Report from last year's spending:

  • AR Paid
  • IXL Paid
  • Science Equipment Ordered
  • Physics Equipment Ordered
  • Chrome Books Ordered

                  b.  Committee to begin review for next years Trust Funding allocation


 3.  ACT College Readiness Report

a.  Composite score dropped slightly from last year and a little lower than State.

b.  College bound student scores up

c.  Every student takes the ACT Junior Year.  Students should be encouraged to take again to increase scores.

d.  Monitoring Fillmore High School Study Hall to see if it helps test scores.

4.  SAGE Testing Results discussed.

a.  Math – Above average in Sec Math II.

b.  Science –  Physics and Chemistry high.

c.  English - 9th Grade dropped, however, every day classes ahead of block classes and showing success this year.

5.  College and Career Readiness

a.  Students took College and Career Readiness Survey resulting in the following


  • SEOP will change to PCCR and will be held November 3.
  • 10:00 – 2:00 Teachers will be available for individual meetings/tutoring with parents and students.
  • 2:00 – 6:00  Breakdown of sessions to address concerns of students.
  • Students will be exposed to 2 career choices each year with visits from community experts.

Jan. - SUU Campus Tour

Mar. - UVU Campus Tour

Trade Schools TBA

            b.  Discussion on changes in PCCR Schedule. 

                              i.  Class for parents in using Power School.

  1. More help needed for Hispanic Parents in preparing students for


            6.  Next Meeting – Nov. 9.  Teachers to give input on LAND Trust Fund needs.