Robison, HaroldHello,

Welcome to Fillmore Elementary!  Included on these pages, you will find a variety of information that should keep you up to date on what is happening at FES.  We encourage parents to take an active role in their student(s) education.  We encourage you to make frequent visits and ask what is being learned on a daily basis.  Together, we can provide a great education and learning environment.


The motto that staff and students live by is “Win or Lose by How I Choose.”  Fillmore Elementary uses expectations for behavior and academic learning.  They were developed by staff and students.  We want our school to be a safe and friendly place.  The following behaviors are expected of all students and adults in the classroom as well as the non classroom settings.  We use our mascot’s name – Chip R. Munk to remember the expectations that are posted throughout the school!!


Behavior Expectations:

C - Choose Safety

H - Help Others

I - I’m a Learner

P - Practice Respect



Meet our yearly reading goal (at least 1 million minutes).  We do this by reading nightly at home.


Academic Expectations:

M – Making learning fun

U – Using your brain

N – Never giving up

K – Keeping on task


We welcome all to come and visit us and see what we are doing!  Our teachers and students are doing great things and are great learners.  Watch the paper and this website to keep up to date on the things we are doing!