Sheriff, Sheila

The Philosophy of Mrs. Sheriff

All children are unique.  They come from different cultures, home environments, and circumstances.  Additionally, all children are unique in the way they learn and process information.  I feel it is crucial to recognize the whole child.  I do this by providing a stimulating educational environment where they can grow socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally.  It is my desire to establish the type of atmosphere where students can find success and reach their full potential.  I believe that students should love coming to school.  School is a place where everyone should feel connected and safe.  I want students to be comfortable sharing ideas and taking risks.

 Last but certainly not least, school should be fun.  I have witnessed student learning take place through music, art, and activities.  I celebrate success, and I find it important to recognize the positive. 

During the school year, I have the privilege of spending approximately 1,327 hours with students.  During these hours, I have the opportunity to make a significant impact on each student I serve.  Every minute matters.