FES Community Council 
October 15, 2013

Nominations for chair of Community council- Natalie Ralphs nominated by Kelli Hansen 2nd by Sally Sagers 
Kelli Christensen put in by acclamation 2nd Mrs. Dearden 
Nominations for Vice Chair Mindy Stephenson nominated by Mary Monroe 
2nd Denise Allgood, Kelli Christensen- put in by acclamation.

Sept. meeting was at District Office

Purpose for meeting is to go over data 
• School grading – discussed C grade, we are working on Science-Nearly all kids made progress 
• School grade didn’t consider growth, just proficiency 
• Discussed DIBELS testing - results sent home with 1-3 grade students 
• Discussed NAPE test for 4th graders

Budget was discussed for this year 
• During the summer we were given more funding. 
• We had money to carry over 
1. money will go to skills center for Mrs. Robison & Mrs. Huntsman 
2. Technology upgrades - 
3. Teacher stipend for achievement, each classroom teachers $1000.00 to spend-Needs to be approved by 
Miss Harrison 
4. Other teacher will get $500.00 
• We have $7838 in addition.

• Our School is going to purchase a set of 30 laptops on a mobile cart for the school. This will tap into network 
with a wireless printer. Kevin has offered to help us purchase this system. 
• Discussion about how technology is working in the classroom. How do teachers use it? 
Trust lands discussion (to explain where we get money to new people on committee) 
• Anything mined on trust lands goes into our fund. 
• Discussion about trust lands funds in Millard County may be increasing for 2014-15.

Components of the School Improvement Plan 
• Child access routing plan 
• School Improvement Plan 
• Reading Achievement Plan 
• School Discipline plan 
• Trustlands proposal

Assignments for upcoming months:

Nov. pgs 4-8, 9-12; Jan.---pgs 13-19, Handbook ; Feb. -- Trust lands portion

Motion to adjourn Lorna Adams 2nd Kelli Christensen

Next meeting – November 19, 2013 @ 3:00 PM in the Fillmore Elementary Media Center