Blue Flower



It is hard to believe that we are entering the spring of the year. Things seem to really speed up in the springtime. We get involved in so much, both at school and in the community, that school work sometimes can get put on the back burner. Students want to be outside and their minds wander. Parents, Teachers and all other staff members must help to keep them focused.

  Our goal all year has been to lift all students and to continue the quality education that is the hallmark of FMS. We believe that the students are progressing as they should but as previously mentioned it is tough sometimes to keep them on task. We have just one quarter of the year left and we must push forward with our goal in mind.

  SAGE testing begins later this month (March) and we anticipate great results. We also will be meeting with parents for the annual Spring SEOP meetings for next year's registration.  As most are aware, we will have one new teacher in the 6th grade, 2 new teachers in Mathematics and a new teacher in the English dept. We feel that the new teachers will be great additions and fit nicely into the character of FMS.